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June 25, 2021

Looking for my rainbow to help me survive this issue that has presented itself in  my life.

Hello to all my friends this is Tom (the Sokman) McNamara, before I will begin I would love to thank everyone who has helped me along the way allowing me to launch my sokman mission work for the homeless.

Now I am going to ask you another big favor in the terms of giving to a personal friend of mine who has been and is still instrumental in getting my sokman mission going. This young lady single handedly raised more than 10,000 pairs of socks, got her company to match financial gifts to the program and continues to work extremely hard on making this mission not only a success but is attempting to help with making it a 401C-3 non-profit organization.   In the past 3 years she has developed a debilitating chronic disease which has rendered her incapacitated to the point that she is no longer able to work or work on her chosen field, she has found a doctor who says he maybe able to remedy some of her maladies allowing her some freedom from pain and the possibility of maybe getting back into the workforce. The surgery out of pocket expense is 5,000 dollars and the surgery must be scheduled in the next 15 days so I am begging all of my friends to donate.

I currently have 1500 friends on facebook, twitter, and other social media sites if each and everyone gave 10.00 we would raise 15,000 taking the burden of traveling to and from doctors, rehab, meds and surgery… with the love you have for my Sokman Mission please give to this young lady.

Thank You

Tom (The Sokman) McNamara

If you are uncomfortable giving on the Go Fund Me site please you can make checks out to Tom McNamara and send them to my daughter Courtney Witchie at 3104 Highland Drive, Cary Illinois 60013