Talking on BBC to 1 Million People

Learning Life’s Lessons is what I call my talks.  I have had the opportunity to talk on many subjects that I personally have experience throughout my life.

Topics Are:

Homelessness in America: .  I’ve had 3 personal experiences of being homeless and I currently travel around the United States and have given out 34,000 pairs of socks to homeless individuals, while traveling full-time in a recreational vehicle.

Volunteerism:  Giving of yourself and time, how much more you get back when you do things out of love.

Loss, the loss of a loved one, the loss of all your material possessions, the loss of innocence as a child.

Minimalism whether forced by tragedy or by choice. It’s a great life.

Addiction, the suffering of everyone around you and the excruciating pain in your own life.

Traveling Full-Time in a Recreational Vehicle: The highs and lows of traveling full time plus the many stories of how are country is beautiful.

If you are interested in having me speak at any venue nothing is to small and nothing is to large.  I have talked before a knitting club, the women were so touched by my story about the homeless people I served they now knit hats and scarfs for me. The Lutheran Home in which these wonderful ladies are affiliated with also makes a financial contribution to my Sok-Man mission in order to continue my message.  I have been invited for the last three years running to the Norge Elementary School to speak to the students and accept their generous gift of socks for homeless plus I have been given the opportunity to speak in various classrooms at local high schools in the area and various venues throughout the nation.

Articles and places that I have either spoken at or been interview

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