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Sokman’s Thanksgiving Challenge

June 25, 2021

Being a minimalist and not venturing into stores anymore or on-line stores my life has become much more clear on what is important to me and what is not.  I have been traveling the United States for the last 5 years giving out socks to the homeless and missioning with them asking them what they would want from the world if people would listen and here are a few suggestions you might want to consider as a family as you meet for your Thanksgiving Dinner and plan for your Christmas Holiday.

1st is this what people really want to be doing, with their time and money to make themselves feel better or look for happiness within the material things they are about to possess.

Do you really want a tree that can’t be seen because of all the presents are blocking the view, or are you really wanting to get out early to fight for that one present everyone must have so you can feel better that you got it for them? Are some of you so dam determined to get that one special present that everyone wants but only few can get, is this really what this season is all about?  You have to ask yourself a very hard question is this the Christmas you want to offer your friends and family.  I hear things like I have to get one more present for uncle Bob because he will get something for me, or I am so tired of going shopping and waiting in line with customers and cashiers who are so crabby.  Is it truly worth it?

This year during you Thanksgiving holiday I am going to challenge you to not forget your little ones give them some gifts…note some gifts small but enjoyable, for the adults and that to me includes teens lets talk about what giving truly is.  Have a discussion at your dinner table, put away the phones, turn off the TV and music and have a conversation about what it means to give.

During my time with the homeless some of the things that mean the most to them are being treated like a human being, looking them in the eye and asking how are you, what is your name? is their anything I can do for you to make this season better for you?  Could I buy you dinner at a restaurant of your choice, could I take you home with me and give you a nice hot shower and share a meal with you at our family table. Is there anyone that you would like to talk to during this time I have more than enough time on my phone we can contact someone you have been longing to talk to.  Is there someplace you call home could I take you to the train station buy a ticket to that destination to give you the opportunity to see someone special.

I am going to ask all of you,  no challenge all of you, go buy a 12 pack of good knee-high worm socks black, white it does not matter keep them under your seat of the car when you come upon a homeless person while you are driving take a few minutes stop, pull  over and share with them a new pair of socks and ask them their name while looking them in the eye, I guarantee  your life and their life will be changed for ever, it’s a simple challenge and its a challenge not just for this season but to keep a 12 pack in your car at all times throughout the year. Once you do this it goes without saying giving from your heart you won’t ever stop.

Here comes the part that I am opening Pandora’s box for criticism from the world but my challenge makes it a personal one, it’s easy to walk by a bucket and drop money in or easy to write a check and send it off to some corporation that says this money will be used for what ever the cause is but I am asking that you personally meet the individual you are giving the gifts to, you shake their hands, feel their breath, you hug them,  that will change you life for ever, inviting them over for family dinner, opening up your house to a stranger will open up your heart and you will never, never, never be the same again.  I know I can hear my critics and all the what if’s but in my last five years I have been afraid 1 time just 1 time these people are human being who want love, hope, and to know people have not stopped caring about them.  Just room for thought I hope you take on the Challenge.  It’s not a bucket challenge but you can ask if you can’t take a picture of them and tell them you will be posting it on Facebook to show the world you took the time to make someones life better and in the mean time someone else might recognize an estranged family member that they have been looking for forever what a beautiful thing that would be.

With much love in my heart and a dream of giving back to the less fortunate I will pray that everyone who reads this does this and shares this with other individuals.

Quintin is a homeless man who Craig and I have befriended going to the Blackhawk games, the other night my daughter stopped by showed him a photograph of us together he laughed and took a picture with her.  She also gave him money but more importantly she took the time to treat him like a human being relating to him about people who care about him.  My daughter and Sophie are my idols they are learning that giving hope is one of the most important attributes a human can give another.  I love you girls and Quintin it goes without a doubt you have touched my soul so deeply I love you also.