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Really how about a solution

June 25, 2021

Thank you Kenny Rogers for sharing. This is a bad situation getting worse trust me the next thing that will happen is they will take down the structure ending the option of shade.  The city will realize if the people taking the bus only have to stand for 5 or 10 minutes that will be ok or they might even go as far as putting sprinkler systems in and spray the cement down making it hard to lay down or put your stuff down.  For me I would put up a sign that says at the back entrance of the park we are looking for 100 people today to help keep the park working we need your help.  Higher 100 people pair them with a person doing work mentor them cleaning the park that day.  You don’t have to pay them give them food and drink vouchers do this everyday eventually the word would get out.  Wow!!! people work get food, get rest breaks and earn points to take a free day at the park for rides…. I’m no genius but that seems pretty lucrative for everyone.   Just think the park might even find people that will help turning their work into real permanent jobs, a win/win as far as I can see for everyone. But who am I?