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Excuse me what’s your name?

June 25, 2021

Craig and I have been going down to the Chicago Blackhawks game since I can’t remember and we have been passing the same homeless person since I can’t remember.  This homeless person is polite, not pushy, continues to tell you to have a great night and wishes God blessings on you.  We have always given our money, socks, and extra tickets for him to sell to keep the money and always exchanged pleasantries.   You would think after seeing him this long, stopping to talk with him, exchanging hugs, hand sharks we would have known or asked his name but I never asked.  Last night as I came upon him I looked into his eyes and apologized that I had never taken the time to find out his name, he laughed and said well the feeling is mutual, I know you’re the sok-man but that’s it.  We hugged, I was talking to Quintana and he was talking to Tom for the first time as friends. I said as it usually happens I will hit you up after the game, he laughed and said oh I know that… I walked away he shouted and cheered “Go Hawks”.  After the game, I only had 10 dollars left in my possession so as I passed I grabbed his hand put it into this gigantic mitt something I also had never noticed about this gentle giant.  I asked if I could come down and talk with him about his life and his experiences in life.  With his huge gorgeous, smile he agreed to share with me his life story next time I came down or next game when I just want to go down and be with him for the night.

Thank you, Quintana for giving your friendship on a beautiful cool night when the Hawks Win.