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June 25, 2021

Enlightenment is education or awareness that brings change, I am asking and sharing reality that I lived tonight and need to share with those who care about me and about my friends the Pettenuzzo’s.  Picked up Mike and his daughter Nicki at Midway Airport tonight for what will probably be there last visit that will rob them of a piece of their hearts forever…..please when you say your prayers, and thanks for giving you the day say a side prayer for my friend and his family.  Tonight as we left the lights of Midway Airport in the rear view mirror, my mind was fixated on how things fade away even as you watch them into the darkness everything fades, but as I focus on the picture window in front of me I am awaken to do you have any socks on you Tommy, I laugh and say reach down and grab a pair I always carry socks on the front seat of my car.  Mike rolled down his window as a homeless man was walking between cars looking for any type of help.  As Mike handed to the gentleman he bent over looked in the car and said I don’t have a pair of socks on nor do I have any so you could not have come along at a better time, God Bless you.  Nicki and Mike leaned back and smiled if for only a moment they had touch a life of an individual who needed a comforting hand and so much needed love.  A little farther down the road was a young lady wearing tattered clothing and sign hanging from a string around her neck asking for anything, we gave her a pair of socks she smiled, blessed us and said something I have heard a thousand times before but never get tired of hearing it “you have no idea how important socks are to us God blesses and thanks you” Tonight God blessed all by showing us that no matter how bad things are you can change you heart in just an instant maybe not for long but for a fleeting moment but in that moment God shares his love for us.

If I can ask all of you who are reading this say a prayer that God delivers his servant into his arms and in that memory put a bag of socks in your car keep them in the front seat for easy access and share with the world you love.

Thank you and my heart, love and prayers go out to so many of my friends who are hurting at this very moment losing their loved ones that have been such a huge part of our lives.