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Broken but this is Not Me

June 25, 2021

Looking older than I should, faded, chipping, fenced in or out depending on your viewpoint, dirty, dingy, dusty, hungry for contact, movement, any form of life to let me know I am still worthy……..Once I was new, lively, colorful, enjoyed by the world now I hang counting the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, the seasons pass nothing ever changes I just age but this is not me I am not who you see today inside I have a story.

If you take the time you will find out I was a star athlete in high school went on to a successful career in college but I was born deaf so I was useless to society when I graduated from college with few options opened to me I did what I could.  Minimum labour was the only door open at the time but even that closed as people realized they could not communicate with me through normal means so again I was heaped on the pile of useless again and so my story goes……I live on a very envious piece of real estate  in the California sun on the green grassy noles and beaches in Venice.  The place is teaming with noise, movement, sound, music, excitement and activity and I share in none of it…..I sit day after day trying to survive in a world of sound, people walk by don’t acknowledge me, it’s lonely, I look older than I am but I have a story like everyone else so please don’t ignore me once I was a new born child with the world ahead of me but now I am broken but this is not me sitting on the green grass this is who I have become.