The Gift of Acabar

The Gift of Acabar
Published: 1 January 1983

This is a book for those who believe in miracles and can still hear the sleigh bells ringing on Christmas. We all have hopes, dreams and lives to live as we choose in most cases. Tulo is a small child in a tiny little village in the wilderness in an area called Lapland the northernmost regions of Norway, Sweden, Finland and even Russia it is one of the most brutal environments to survive in, yet for Tulo it is a playground that will develop him into a young adult faster than he should have developed, he will learn lessons most of us won’t learn in a lifetime and he will give of himself more than most of us will ever dream of giving. In the end Tulo gives his village a gift that cannot be repaid but if you look up you will see his gift in the sky most nights when the sky is clear and the stars are bright. Thank You again OG Mandino for giving me apart of your life to gleen a grain of knowledge from.

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