A Day in the Life of a Soldier

22 a day makes for a shorter more compact DIURNAl

as trying to watch a ship sail past the horizon,


catching a glimpse of the wind…….. it’s a futile task

But if you listen carefully you can hear the screams of the lobsters as they boil

as we can see the blood stains on the ground in the soil.

It’s all in vain

For no one hears them, they share nothing of their pain.

Each and every 22 makes the long journey to the darkest places in their minds

writhing in their grief.


the things they had to do just to get through another night

The Sun

The Sun Doesn’t shine

it’s about time

Not the time on a watch or the time in a day

Nor even the time of the year


22 a day their time is now, not tomorrow or the next

they will leave everyone perplexed.

They wear their pain as a look of shame

But once their heads were held as high as a skyscraper

Now with everyone around they can’t even make a sound

22 a day EVERYDAY their bodies left cold to be found with the gun next to them

on the


Why oh Why do we let so many die on our America Soil

22 a day……. break it down …………..1 every 65 minutes

I cry for the Soldiers who take their lives away

Please Remember it’s 22 a day

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